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If you hadn't already heard, the Easter Story Trail is happening again this year. If you don't know what the Story Trail is have a look here for more information and see some pictures of this event from last year.


Over the Story Trail week this year, we are delighted to have 5 local primary schools who have signed up to bring along their pupils to take part in sessions where they venture around ‘Jerusalem’ experiencing the Easter story and hearing the gospel message.


This is an amazing opportunity for us as a church to share the gospel message in a different way to local children (as well as the teachers and parents who come along too!). Plus we will be extending the Story Trail this year over the weekend so that Dads Group, Sunday Club, the wider church and anyone else who might be interested can come along! Based on what we saw and experienced last year, we expect this week to be exciting, powerful and a great blessing to all those who take part.


Along with the excitement of what's ahead, we know that it is a huge undertaking for us as a community. To make all this possible again we need each church member to consider how they could help and support the event. There are lots of different things that need doing across various times over the course of about three weeks – helping with the Story Trail is not just restricted to weekdays!


Listed below are all the teams that need filling along with the times that they will be meeting. We would love for you to fill in the form to sign up to help on any of the teams. At the end of this page there is also a list of props that we would like to borrow for the week. If you would like to be part of any of these teams or can supply any props, please fill in the form below or email Fi (fiona.nicholls@northchurch.com) or sign up at the welcome desk on a Sunday.

Easter Story Trail Teams


Building Team

All that you would expect it to be as the wooden structure of 'Jerusalem' is put together.

Creative Team

A few updates to last year’s set.

Set Up Team

Everything that needs to be done to create Jerusalem! From draping material to the placement of props.

Pack Down Team

Everything to be brought back down again and return the church to normal.

Welcome Team

Welcoming each school group and providing drinks and biscuits!


A little acting required for these roles, both small and larger parts available.

Two final areas that we need help with:


Prayer Team

We would love some prayer warriors to cover what we’re doing in prayer. Before, during and after!



If we borrowed something of yours last year please get in touch if you’re happy for us to borrow it again. Otherwise, here is the full list of everything we need:

Gold/silver goblet for drinking
Gold/silver plate
Small jug/bottle for pouring
Terracotta pots, bowls, plates
Woven baskets and crates
Candle holders
Wheat sheath
Plants/foliage – particularly large plants
Rockery stones
Brooms/farm tools
Wood pile
Small pouch and coins
Urns/pots for the garden
100L of bark chippings
2 double sheets (that can be donated rather than borrowed and are suitable to be dyed brown)

Get involved!

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