The Jireh Home in the Philippines

Since 1979 Joel and Rechel Alviar have run a Children's Home in the Philippines for children orphaned, abandoned or abused. 2019 will see them celebrate 40 years of the Jireh Home. 

There are still many abandoned children living on the streets in the Philippines.  Joel and Rechel founded the Jireh Home to help some of these youngsters.  Jireh means "God Provides" and that is what they have seen over the years.

NBC is a long-term partner with the Jireh Home, and over the years has supported them in various projects and even sent a work party to help with one of their building initiatives.  

The home is able to grow all its own rice and a chicken rearing project helps raise cash and provides protein for the children.   Life is far from steady though.  Recently the Home's pregnant sow died suddenly, with the loss of the whole litter.  They think it may have eaten a poisonous frog!

Joel and Rechel and their team aim to provide a safe, supportive Christian home for every child, to enable them to gain an education and to be equipped for adulthood.  Their desire is that every child should know the love of Jesus for themselves.

For more about the Jireh Home and the related ministries - see their website.