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In just one week you've raised more than £20,000!! We're still counting the money to have a finished total and we'll let you know as soon as we've got one. But on behalf of NBC and more importantly the people of Ethiopia THANK YOU! If you didn't get a chance to give you still can! Using any of the methods before. 100% of this appeal will go to the water tanker project in Ethiopia so do still give if you haven't already. Imagine if we enabled them to have TWO tankers!


WFP has classified the drought crisis in the Horn of Africa as a Level 2 Emergency. 5.6 million people in Ethiopia are categorised as being in either crisis or emergency. The effects of drought in the Horn of Africa are expected to intensify, with the approaching April-June rainfall in Somalia projected to be below normal. The food security situation and acute malnutrition in children under five years, pregnant women and nursing mothers are a serious concern in drought-affected areas, especially parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Severe drought has caused widespread deficits of water and pasture, contributing to declining livestock conditions, increased rate of disease outbreaks, rising mortalities.


In drought affected areas of Somali-speaking Ethiopia, one of the biggest immediate needs is for water. Rural Somalis live entirely off their livestock (sheep, goats and mainly camels). Traditionally Somalis collect seasonal rains in huge dug water tanks which they use to drink from and water their animals. These tanks are now empty. Without water, animals die. With no milk or meat for the pasturalists to survive from, people die next.


For Somali speaking Eastern Ethiopia, Kabri Dehar is one of closest places with a reliable source of water. NGOs like Oxfam are hiring water tankers which fill up from a deep well borehole and serve the surrounding area. The trucks then fill up the huge tankers which are then managed as a resource by the local clan. Sadly, local businessmen have also seen the opportunity to make a lot of money by hiring water tanker trucks. The cost for a single round trip of 100 miles is over £500!

We want to support these people by raising £20,000 so they can buy their own water tanker.

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