Kids and Youth

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NBC is passionate about the growth and development of children and for decades have resourced and enabled this to happen. NBC Kids & Youth Team believe in a loving God who deeply desires a relationship with each one of us whatever our age. We believe there is no place that provides a greater security or sense of value than knowing the personal love of God and we are passionate about providing the opportunity for children to discover this for themselves.

The Team

Adrian Abramian

Youth Pastor


Adrian has lived in Berkhamsted his entire life except for the three years he studied Theology at London School of Theology in Northwood. He is delighted to be married to Terri, but were not so sure she feels the same! After completing a two year stint as student youth pastor (studying at Ridley Hall) Adrian moved into full-time ministry here at NBC. Adrian isn't at all competitive. Ok, that's a lie. There isn't much in life that Adrian can't do, and it has been scientifically proven that he can't lose at any sport, despite people's best efforts to beat him. Aside from football being his favourite sport (supporting Chelsea, bless him), James is his favourite book of the bible, burgers are his favourite food and Agricola is his favourite board game.

Joe Rudd

Youth work

Zara Hornby

Children's and Youth Work Assistant

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Zara moved to Berkhamsted two years ago after studying Theology in London and living abroad in Belgium for a year. Since moving here she has been working and volunteering with both small and not so small people.  Alongside NBC she works with YC Hertfordshire as a Youth Support Worker and loves the fact she is encouraged to lead by example and take part in wheelbarrow races, hand stand competitions and water fights. She loves being involved in church and reading. Zara claims she has found the best place to get a custard doughnut (but waves all responsibility for the consequences if she tells you). Her major weaknesses include everything with chocolate and baby animals.

Joe is from Tring and has lived in the area his whole life. Joe is very busy, he is an intern who has split time between NBC and Sunnyside church. alongside this he is also working in the kitchen at Restaurant 23 as a part-time chef and kitchen porter. Joe attended Tring School and has just finished a course in sports coaching at Aylesbury college. He loves watching and playing football, and is a committed West Ham fan (poor guy!). He knows a lot about football and is yet to meet anyone who knows as much about football as he does. Joe also enjoys playing FIFA, eating food and hanging out with friends.

We have a clear set of safeguarding regulations and a comprehensive child protection policy to ensure that the provision given for children at NBC is of both a high standard and in a safe environment. All volunteers working with young people and children are DBS checked in accordance with our safeguarding regulations. To view our child protection policy or our privacy policy please click the appropriate link below.