We have a great Staff team and Leadership team who lead us as we continue to chase after what God is doing.

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Leadership Team

We're very blessed to have a leadership team with a variety of skills that they can bring to the church. With that in mind the leadership team has been split up into pairs. Each pair is responsible for looking after one key area of church life but all are intrinsically linked to one another.


Mic has a heart to see NBC really involved and connected with our local community here in Northchurch. This could include providing services for the community, joining with the community in common goals or just participating in the life of Northchurch. We believe that God has blessed us abundantly, not for ourselves but so that we might be a blessing to others.

Got questions for the community team? Email community@northchurch.com


We currently don't have two discipleship leaders but we will be appointing them soon.

The great commission says "...go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 18:19).
Pete is passionate about ensuring that people aren't just drifting through life but are living an exciting life for Jesus. This comes through effective discipleship - being an apprentice of Jesus. Learning, growing, being challenged and going deeper so as to fulfil our calling.

Got questions for the discipleship team? Email discipleship@northchurch.com


Mavis heads up this area, enabling us as a community to share the good news of Jesus in Northchurch and the surrounding areas both in word and deed. They also work closely with the mission support group, ensuring that the many individuals and organisations nationally and internationally are supported in; prayer, finances (where applicable) and pastorally.

Got questions for the mission team? Email mission@northchurch.com


NBC is not the building. It's the people. Church is always the people. We are grateful that we have gifted, godly, and capable people in Peter who is able to wisely and effectively enable the church to grow by looking after many practical areas such as budgets, maintenance, HR, pastoral oversight… the list goes on!

Got questions for the enabling team? Email enabling@northchurch.com


God needs effective leaders in all areas of life not just church. We need to have strong Christian leadership in the media, in schools, in government, in families. David and Mike are all about identifying leaders and those with leadership gifts then encouraging, training and releasing those people to be effective for God's call. 

Got questions for the leadership team? Email leadership@northchurch.com

Church Secretary


Gwyneth is perhaps the most important leader of all. Gwyneth works closely with David and is responsible for communication, dates, minutes and all things over-archingly administrative. She's calm, collected and has incredible life experience (ask her to tell you her story one day).