As a church we're excited and privileged to be a community of people who are seeking God's presence, not just on Sundays but in our daily lives.

NBC Core Songs

We have a core selection of about 20 songs that we sing regularly at NBC. If you want to hear what's on that list check out the youtube and spotify links below.

Youtube - Core Songs Playlist

Spotify - Core Songs Playlist

What we're listening to

Alongside our core songs, as a worship team, we're always listening to new songs and seeing what God might be saying to the church as a whole, as well as our NBC specifically. Have a listen to the spotify playlist below. We'll keep it updated and you'll always know what we're listening to! If you don't have spotify you can easily sign up to a free account (you'll just have to put up with a few adverts!)

Spotify - What We're Listening To Playlist