We have a great group of over 60's (who act under 60) who are chasing after God's heart and seeing what He has in store for them.

We have weekly events specially aimed at the over 65s and we'd love for you to come along.

Friday Fellowship

Over 60? Know someone locally who is? Friday fellowship is exactly as the name suggests - we meet together every Friday at 11:15am for a short service which includes songs, a brief talk and time for prayer, followed by a fellowship meal. Around 20 people attend regularly and many more are welcome so please come along.

If you are interested in joining the team that serves the meal, do get in touch with Mavis Cook, via office@northchurch.com

Sun Lunch

On the second Sunday of each month, we provide a cooked lunch for all those in the local community who would otherwise eat alone. It’s a fantastic opportunity to serve and get to know those people in the town; and the lunches, cooked by our team of volunteers, are excellent.

After lunch there is the opportunity to chat and pray over coffee and communion for those who wish to take it. Minibus services run to enable those less mobile to get to the church.

If you would like to come along or are interested in helping with Sun lunch, either with the cooking or with transportation, please get in touch with Anthony Barker via office@northchurch.com