Children's and Youth Teams

Children’s ministry team:

On this team you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the children and share the Gospel message with them in a fun, relaxed and creative way. Leaders and helpers are passionate about teaching the word of God to our young people and walking with them on their journey of faith.

What it involves: 

Crèche team:

Happy to play with babies so parents have the opportunity to stay in the service and get to know those parents who stay with their children? This is for you.

Toddler group team:

A long standing ministry to parents and young children from our local community. Come along and chat with parents, make the tea, help with craft and cuddle babies!

Youth ministry team:

We offer a range of activities and events that aim to bring young people from wherever they are into a deep relationship with Christ. If you are willing to love and serve young people it’s an amazing opportunity to walk with them and support them in the highs and lows of teenage years



Hospitality Teams

Welcome team:

Good at meeting new people? Always smiling early on a Sunday morning? Join our team at the welcome desk ready to answer questions and make new friends!

Stewarding team:

Services couldn’t happen without our wonderful stewards; from welcoming people at the door to finding seats for everyone, serving communion and taking care of the offering. Join us if you like to be kept on your toes!

Coffee teams:

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, so if you can make one, we’d love to have you on team. Put on a brew, chat to some people and try and keep the kids from stealing all the biscuits.

Communion prep team:

A practical but invaluable team, preparing bread and pouring wine for the communion services which happen twice a month. You might even want to bake the bread yourself!

Sun lunch team:

Once a month, we cook a big Sunday roast lunch on site and invite any senior members of the community that perhaps would otherwise be eating alone. If you can cook en masse or can help with serving and washing up, or just want to spend some time chatting, come on down.

Friday Fellowship team:

Every Friday late morning, we hold a meeting for senior members of the community where we sing together hear from the Word and then share in hot lunch and fellowship. If you love chatting to people and hearing some amazing stories and life experiences, come and join us!



Prayer and Ministry Teams

Housegroup leadership:

There are several housegroups that meet around the area, each of which need solid leadership; peoplegifted both pastorally, and in teaching. If you feel called to this particular role, do get in touch with   Steve our housegroup co-ordinator.

Intercessory team:

For all the prayer warriors amongst you, here is a team of behind the scenes people, who have a heart for standing with people in prayer and interceding for situations before God.

Music and worship team (including A/V):

This fantastic team is responsible for leading our sung worship at the services, from the front in the band and from the back at the AV desk. If you play an instrument or consider yourself a ‘techie’, and feel called into worship ministry, then get in touch with Tom for more information.

Prayer ministry team:

There are opportunities to pray for people after the service, to speak prophetically into their lives and to bless them. If you love to pray for people, and to see first-hand our God in action, sign up fast!

Pastoral team:

This team are all about home visits, quality time, prayer, bereavement support, hospital visits and caring for the elderly and vulnerable. This is a crucial team who become a huge blessing to the church community.



Other Teams

Creative ministry team:

Think flower arrangements, banners, flags, artwork, posters, dance presentations and much more. We’re after people who understand aesthetics (making the place look nice!) and who think outside of the box!

Mission focus team:

This group are the church’s link to the various missionaries and organisations that we support, both in the UK and overseas. The group meets regularly to pray for our mission partners and to keep us up to date with any developments and news.

Church premises team:

Here’s another behind-the-scenes ministry. Calling all keen gardeners, painters, decorators, DIYers, lawnmowers and the like; there’s always so much to be done!