Minutes of Northchurch Baptist Church
Part 9     1960 - 1963

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[These Minutes are taken from the fourth Minute Book which covers the period 1952 - 1962]

[Albert Stratford, the Lay Pastor sincehas just announced his resignation.  These minutes start with a special meeting about the future led by the Area Superintendant. For a small rural church like Northchurch, any prospect of continuing as an independent congregation looks bleak]


Minutes of Special church meeting held April 26  [1960]
The Rev Douglas Hicks was present & 34 members.
The Meeting opened with a hymn and a prayer from the chair.
Mr Stratford explained the reason for calling the members together and gave a welcome to Rev D Hicks our Area superintendant.  Replying the superintendant stated he was very sorry that Mr Stratford was leaving the pastorate and gave personal gratitude to pastor & his wife.  Outlining the position of churches in the Baptist union he stated that 200 churches were without ministers, churches that were seeking fully paid men and the ministry had only 100 to fill the 200 vacancies.  Giving details on the possible help that we could have from the Home Work a/c and hinted that we at Northchurch would be in competition with big development areas such as Hatfield.  After discussion and questions the Rev Hicks gave us the experience he had had in his area with churches linking together and sharing the Minister stating that a possible answer would be a link up with Berkhamsted or even New Mill.   The hour that had been spent in discussion ended with thanks to the Rev Douglas Hicks for coming along to our meeting, this was expressed by the Pastor.
Afterward the Rev Hick took his leave and the church unanimously aggreed that the secretary get in touch with the area superintendant asking him to communicate with friends at Berkhamsted Baptist to view the possibilities of an aggreement with both churches for the Rev S Harris to take over the leadership of this church.
The next meeting was fixed for May 30th 7.30.
This ended the special meeting and the Pastor pronounced the Benediction.  Fellowship followed, with Tea & Biscuits being served.
                   A F Stratford            (Hon Lay Pastor)
Minutes of meeting held May 30 1960
25 Present
Meeting commenced with a hymn & prayer from the Chair.
Minutes were read past and signed.
Arising from minutes it was stated a 2nd Collection for the Easter flowers had been made;  nett result £4.
Chairman's Remarks.  Mr Stratford reviewed the Easter Services and thanked all who help to arrange the Flowers especially Mrs Shelton.  Thanks were given to Mr Axtell & Mr Purton for work done in the church and kitchen in the form of varnishing and painting.  Mr Delderfield was thanked for the grass cutting around the Church Building.
Delegation to Herts B Assn   Mr Wilson & Mrs Davis were appointed as delegates to the meetings of the annual assembly of the county.
Old Cemetery  Discussion took place on tidying the old cemetery and it was decided to ask Mr Brooks to get someone to do the work.
The subject of advertising the church activities was resolved on the pro by Mr L King that we inquire the cost of an advert in the local paper for 3 months Sec by Mrs Davis. It was carried unanimously.
Notice Board   A proposition by Mrs R Davis ended the old discussion of a new Notice Board, it was, that the cost of a new one for the church notices be obtained this was sec by Mrs L Owen.
Visitation Committee   Formation of a visitation Committee was aggreed to and that this would be done at our next meeting with a guide to the duties such a body would undertake.
Presentation to Pastor & his Wife   Mr R Brooks asked the members present to aggree to gifts being received for a presentation to Mr & Mrs Stratford on their retirement at the End of September,  all aggreed and appointed Mr L Owen to receive gifts to the 1st week in September.
Amalgamation with High St - Berkhamsted   Mr Stratford stated that the Rev Douglas Hicks was getting in touch with Rev S Harris of Berkhamsted with a view of amalgamation with the friends at Berkhamsted, this news the church received with interest and it was promised to call a meeting immediately if any development came to hand.
The next meeting was arranged for Aug 29th at 7.30
The happy meeting ended with the Benediction.
                                         A.F. Stratford(Hon Lay
                                                  Pastor)    Aug 29 1960
Minutes of meeting held Aug 29th 1960
24 Present
Mr A F Stratford in the chair opened with prayer after a hymn had been sung.
Minutes of the last meeting were read passed and Signed.
From Minutes Notice Board   Arising from minutes.  The Secretary stated he had been unable to get a quotation from people re the new notice board, the deacons had discussed the question and come to the conclusion that we must decide on the position and form the majority of Church members wanted.  After several speaking on the matter it was aggreed that the present church notice board be made onto a Public Board and a new one similar to the existing board be made.  The meeting asked Mr Brooks to contact Mr Ashby of his willingness to make the board.
From the minutes Re the cleaning up of old cemetery Mr Davis spoke of the job Mr Durrant had done and hoped the tidying up would be done more regularlyall aggreed;  the treasurer said £6 had been paid out for the work done.  Re the sycamore tree at cemetery boundary All aggreed it should come down while the work of clearing the adjacent site for building was in progress.  The meeting appointed Mr S Delderfield to visit the Council offices to Have the work done official.
 [The sale of the wood from the tree raised £6 10 shillings]

Advert in Gazette   The Secretary gave approx. details for a weekly advert in the local paper of the Sunday services, All aggree that the matter be dropped.
Harvest   Discussing the Harvest on Sept 8th it was arranged to ask Mr Rickett for the Poster.  Mr Shelton to arrange decorating the church and gifts to be brought in Friday 7.00 & 2.30 Saturday.  All aggreed to the new idea of a window set apart for the Sunday School effort.   The Sale of Monday at 7.00 to be started by Mr L Axtell.
Visitation Committee   It was suggested that six members form a visitation Committee,   after lengthy discussion the forming of Committee had to be dropped.
Date of next meeting  It was aggreed that the next meeting be held Oct 10th 7.30.
Any other business brought a suggestion we had Pegs for hanging coat in the vestabule.  Mr Axtell was asked to arrange for this work.  The organ was mention and the Secretary asked to contact Mr Norris for a check.
At this stage Mr & Mrs Stratford bid farewell to the meeting.
Arrangements were then put in hand for the Social evening and supper to be arranged by the Committee.  A small committee was appointed to purchase a gift for Mr & Mrs Stratford and arrange for the presentation.   Mrs Carter Mrs Ashby & Mr Axtell with the Diaconate were appointed.
This ended the meeting and closed with the Benediction.
                                    R Brooks              10/10/60
Minutes of meeting held 7.30 10 Oct 1960.
20 Present
The Meeting opened with a hymn followed by prayer from Mr A F Stratford.  In the event of the chair beingvacant the secretary ask the meeting to appoint one, it was aggreed that Mr R Brooks should take the chair for the meeting.
The minutes were read past & signed.
Arising from.  Mr Shelton was thanked for deputizing for Mr L Axtell at the Harvest Sale.  Mr Axtell being present stated he was feeling much better now.  Expression was given to the happy harvest services taken by Mr W Edwards of Watford and a special note was made of the window decorated by the Sunday School. 
Mr Axtell reported that the pegs for hanging coats in the vestibule would be shortly completed.  Mr Norris had started the tuning adjustments to the organ.
The Secretary reported the happy time the church members had spent on the social occasion when Mr & Mrs Stratford were presented with a chiming clock.  94 were present at supper a fine appreciation of the good work done by our retired pastor and wife.
Business commenced with the appointment of Mrs R Davis as representative on the United Council of Churches.
The chairman read a letter from the fellowship at Berkhamsted Baptist stating that the Rev Sydney Harris their minister would be free to take over as Moderator.  The letter continued expressing the Berkhamsted Baptist members readiness to help in any way & thought that a closer fellowship might be God[s] will.  The meeting discussed the messages at length and aggree that at this stage we as a church felt a moderator was not required but thought a meeting with both diaconates might lead to a closer fellowship.
Reading another letter from the Free Church Federal Council re calling meetings to individual churches week night service, it was suggested that the Y.P.F. would be willing to invite the Free churches to a Tuesday night fellowship in Dec. when the Rev Wade of Tring would be speaking.  Regarding closing all free churches bar one so that all may gather together on a Sunday evening in one church, the meeting aggreed that it would support any such venture which was unanimously approved.
The members aggreed that the next meeting be held Nov 7th 7.30.  Election of deacons would be held.
Christmas Day (Sunday)  After suggestion that the morning service on Sunday 25th Dec be held at 8 oclock it was unanimously aggreed that worship started at 9 am and that the evening service be discussed at the next meeting.
Prayer Meeting   The chairman asked the meeting if they thought a prayer meeting on Monday evening would be supported all aggreed that one should be arranged on the 1st Monday in each month.
Any other Business   In any other Business it was suggested & carried that a report of the presentation to Mr & Mrs Stratford be sent to the Baptist Times.
Notice Board, Mr Axtell aggreed to see Mr Jones re having one made.
The happy meeting closed with the Benediction.
                                      L C Owen
Minutes of Church Meeting held 7th Nov 1960
19 Present.
The meeting started with a hymn & Mr A Stratford Prayed.
Mr L Owen a deacon was appointed to the Chair.
Minutes were past and signed.
Arising from Minutes.  All aggreed that Mr Norris of Granville Rd had made a good job of the church organ at a reasonable price of £1.10.0.
Arrangements for the week of Prayer were read out by Mrs R Davis a church delegate to the last meeting of the town Council of Churches.  At that meeting it was aggreed to ask the Member Churches for a guinea annual subscription and the secretary read a letter from their secretary Mr Wilde; all aggree to authorize the treasurer to pay this amount annually.
Election of Deacons   For the two vacancies three nominations had been received namely Mrs H Davis, Mrs S Delderfield & Mr A F Stratford.  After a ballot the latter were elected for three years.
Watchnight Service   Discussing a watchnight service all aggree not to hold one this year.
Bible Sunday   A letter was read from Mr Douglas secretary of the Berkhamsted Branch of the British & Foreign Bible Soc. re Bible Sunday Dec 4th it was aggree to have a retiring collection on Nov 27th.
Christmas Evening Service; as it was on Dec 25th all aggreed we asked members to support a happy morning worship at 9am to take the form of 9 lessons and Carols and not have church worship at 6pm.  Mr L Owen aggreed to arrange the order of service.
The meeting aggreed to send our Lay Preachers who served the church two services in 1960 a 10/- gift token.
Christmas DecorationDiscussing Christmas decorations in the church, Mr F Shelton aggree to purchase a Christmas Tree , the secretary to buy a set of electric light for the tree, and Mrs F Shelton to be asked to take charge of the other church decorations.
BMS   BMS Sunday.  It was aggreed that all the offering on Nov 15th should go to the B.M.S. Fund as the Church effort.
Notice Board   The Secretary announced the gift of a notice Board from Mr S Delderfield and the meeting asked that Mr W Rickett be asked his opinion re the writing of the board.  A new Notice Board for Council Notices was discussed and all aggreed that one be obtained.
Home Work Fund   After announcement that the amount for the Home Work Fund would be less this year it was aggreed that a social evening for the Fund be discussed at the next Church Meeting.
Christmas Gifts   For this important work of preparing and distributing the Churches Christmas gifts to old members & gentle folk the meeting unanimously asked Mr & Mrs Stratford to do the work,   one more name was added to the list.  
All aggreed to the suggestion that Amensbe discontinued at the end of hymns during Sunday worship.  Change of Vesper was left to choir.
Annual Meeting   The date of the Annual Meeting was fixed for Sat March 4th to take the form of a supper.
The next church meeting was fixed for Mon Jan 16th 7.30.
Any other Business Mr Norris to be asked to tune piano.
This ended the happy meeting which closed with the Benediction followed by tea & biscuits.
                                          R Brooks    16/1/61
                                             Church Secretary
Minutes of Church Meeting held Jan 16th   [1961]  7.30
15 Present.
The meeting opened with a hymn and Mr A F Stratford prayed.
Meeting aggreed that Mr R Brooks remain in the Chair.
Minutes were read past & Signed.
Arising from minutes.  For the Christmas decorations in the church Mr & Mrs [A] F Stratford were thanked it was added that the services over the period were enjoyed by all.    Mr & Mrs Stratford were thanked for the way they had obtained and distributed the Christmas gifts.
First business anounced the resignation of Mr A Wilson from the diaconate because he felt he was not able to do the work properly owing to work.  The members regretting his decision wished to thank him for all his services and trust he would still serve the church as opportunity arose.  All voted in favour that Mrs H Davis fill the vacancy for the year.
The Annual Meeting was discussed and aggreed that this took the form of a supper on March 4th at 7.45.  It was proposed by Mrs Brooks sec by Mrs H Davis that a Collection be taken at the annual and a bring & buy stall be arranged all in aid of the Home Work Fund.
Bazaar in the Autumn the members present were wholly in favour of a bazaar and aggreed that the matter be brought up at the next general meeting.
Election of Officers   Mr R Brooks was appointed Secretary for another year.  Mrs Brooks as Treasurer.  Mr Stratford proposed Mrs R Davis sec. thanks to both.
Mrs L Owen organist,   Mrs F Shelton Flower Secretary,  Mrs J Parry BMS Secretary,  Mrs Brooks Home Work Fund Secretary,  Mrs H Davis Sick Visitors with Mr F Shelton.
Door Stewards appointed were Mr Bates, Mr Bruton, Mr Foskett, Mr King & Mr F Shelton.
SidesmenMr Foskett, Mr J Parry, Mr A Delderfield, Mr Bruton & Mr Jones.
AuditorMiss B Riddle.
The Benediction ended the happy meeting then to be followed by Tea & Biscuits.
                                     A F Stratford(18/4/61
(Index BReport on Annual Church & Congregation Meeting)
Church Meeting called for reporting business on the pastorate
Feb 6th after Prayer meeting.
The meeting opened with a Prayer from Mr Stratford. 
After a suggestion was made regarding the Chairman of the meeting all aggreed that the Secretary take the chair.
At some length Mr Brooks outlined the meeting with Mr H B Rose of Watford with the diaconate on Tuesday the 31st Jan.  Mr Rose a past president of the Herts Baptist Lay Preachers Ass. had offered to lead the church on purchasing a small house in the locality, this he would do at his own limited expence.  Having retired two years previous his whole time could be taken up in minister to the needs of the church & people but some remuneration would have to be given by the church for him and his wife to live and serve the church.  The deacons strongly suggested that the members accept such a generous offer of Mr Rose and with the support of most of the members in favour of him coming they would do everything in the powers.
Much discussion followed follow by a suggestion from Mr S Delderfield sec by Mrs Brooks that we as a church should offer Mr Rose remuneration of £2 weekly.  An amendment to this suggest came from Mr Stratford sec Mrs Owen that the church offer £3.10.0.  On voting the amendment was defeated.   More discussion took place and then it was finally decided to call a Special Church Meeting on Monday 20th Feb when it was hope all members able would attend for the Business of the Pastorate.
The Benediction ended the happy meeting.
                          A F Stratford(18/4/61
Minutes of Special Church Meeting held Feb 20.
24 Present
 The meeting opened with a hymn and Mr Stratford lead in prayer.
Opening the business the meeting voted the secretary to the Chair.  The minutes were read.  The Secretary outlined the discussion at the last meeting & the offer of Mr H.B. Rose to the pastorate.
The 24 members present were in favour of a call being given to Mr Rose and at least 5 other members not present had notified there aggreement.  Discussing the various changes to be made it was pro by Mrs N Davis sec by Mr S Delderfield that £2.10.0 be offered as a weekly remuneration to Mr Rose.  22 voted in favour 2 abstained. 
The Secretary briefly stated that he would write giving a call to Mr Rose as Lay Pastor for three years with remuneration of £2.10.0, this to commence on his moving to the Northchurch district.  It was stated that Mr Rose was having negotiations for a house at 8 Shrublands Ave and the chairman though[t] the next move would come through Mr Rose.
This ended the business the Benediction closed the meeting.  Tea & Biscuits were served.
                    A F Stratford18-4-61
Report on Annual Church & Congregation Meeting held March 4th 1961 took the form of a Supper.
(approx 40)
Welcome to all was expressed by the secretary Mr R Brooks.
Supper was enjoyed being arranged by the Tea Committee and collection for the Home Work Fund (£5).
The Secretary reported on the work of Mr & Mrs Stratford up to Mr Stratford resignation in Sept.
Lay Preachers had served the church well on Sundays and congregation had been up to average.
Treasurer   Mrs R Brooks Reported a balance of £149 10 5.
In the Communion Fund a balance of £6.4.4
S School  Mr Owen superintendant reported 16 scholars on the register with average attendances of 8.  £24 was in the Fund.
Y.P.F   Mrs Wilson reported 16 members & the treasurer £5.8.7 in hand.
J.Y.P.F.  Attendance averaged 10 and £2 was in Fund.
Women's own   Sec Mrs H Davis reported membership of 62.  The meeting was run by committee and average at Wednesday meeting was 40.  Treasurer Balance over £18.
H.W.F.  Home Work Fund reported £26.8.0 raised.
B.M.S.  Missionary secretary reported over £25 have been raised
Flowers   Mrs Shelton thanked all for flowers on communion table reporting £1.10.2 was still in reserve.
Committee on Maintenance   Silent Service
Sick Visitation   Mrs Davis reported that Mr & Mrs Stratford had been active in sick visitation.  Mr Stratford then reported on some of their visit during the year.
Door Stewards   Mr Bruton re[ported helpful assistance by the Door Stewards.
Auditor   Miss B Riddle reported the church books correct and we were in a happy position.
Late Lay Pastors Report   Mr Stratford reporting on the nine months of lay Pastorate summarised his reason for giving up the great work hoping we would be served by a Pastor having time to do the work more fully.  He had been happy in serving the church and to do the preaching for Sunday services on many occassions.  He trusted that he & his wife would be able to service the church well as members.
Thanks was expressed by the members for all the reports and the happy gathering closed with Prayer.
                             Harold B Rose   26/2/62
Meeting called after Evening worshipSunday 26th March 1961
The Secretary read application for transfer of Mrs Wilkins to the Baptist Church at Potten End Berkhamsted.
The secretary stated he had visited Mrs Wilkins and as she was living so near to the Church at Potten End and being unable to take communion or attend worship at Northchurch the request was being made.   We were sorry to lose one of our old members; the members all voted that the transfer be made.  The Benediction ended the short meeting.
                                             A F Stratford   18-4-61
Minutes of meeting held April 18th 
18 Present
Meeting opened with a hymn and prayer by R Brooks.
Mr A F Stratford was appointed to the chair.  Minutes of the last four meetings were read past & signed.
Nothing discussed regarding arising from minutes.
The Secretary gave the message he had sent for the church to be insert on the Herts Asstn Prayer call "The Link".  Letters were read from Mrs Carter and Mrs A Wright both were attending the Parish church and wished their names to be taken off the membership roll.
The secretary referred to the leaving of Miss Groom from the district and would be living in Weston-Super-Mare, the members expressed their regret and asked Mr Brooks to write saying how much we had appreciated the Services.
A report was given re the purchase by Mr Rose of a house at 8 Shrublands Ave Berkhamsted.
Much discussion took place on the suggested Bazaar and it was finally aggree to leave details but record that the meeting wished it to be held in the last week of Nov or 1st Dec.
Any other business.    Mrs A Wilson secretary of the Y.P.F expressed with feeling the lack of support she had received from the church members at the Tuesday meeting of the Young People Fellowship.  After a [word missed out?] were exchanges of words from members Mr F Shelton offered to assist Mrs Wilson and bring young folk along for the next session: Finally Mrs Wilson expressed her wish to resign from the secretaryship.
The Secretary reported on the meeting with the Berkhamsted Baptist Diaconate, it was a successful meeting without resolutions.
Water was reported to be coming through the kitchen ceiling and it was aggreed to ask Mr Axtell to do the necessary repairs.
The meeting closed with the Benediction.
                                                                             Harold B Rose
Minutes of meeting held 19th June 1961
20 Present
The meeting opened with a Hymn & prayer by the Secretary.
Mr Brooks welcomed Mr H.B. Rose to the meeting who was duly appointed to the chair.  Responding to the welcome Mr Rose stated that he felt his pastorate with the church had started at the last communion service, he was pleased to be with us and soon would be living in the house at Berkhamsted.
Minutes were read past & signed.  Nothing arose out of minutes.
War Grave Commission's letter was read & discussed re the grave of Private Sear in the old cemetery.  The meeting past the resolution that a letter be sent Explaining that the old cemetery was disused and we as a Church were spending £6 a year for general upkeep and could not commit ourselves to the aggreement as suggested.
[This War Grave is on the right as you enter the cemetery in Bell Lane. It commemorates Private W Sear who died on 8th April 1917. William Sear, of Northchurch was in the 12th battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment and died in Newhaven, Sussex in 1917 but lies buried in the Northchurch graveyard].

Letters were read from Mrs A Wilson & Mrs Taverner both asking for their names to be taken off the Roll of Membership.  Mr Rose offered to go and visit Mrs Wilson and the secretary was asked to write Mrs Taverner regretting her discussion and wishing her blessings at the Berkhamsted Methodist.
Welcome to Mr & Mrs Rose   It was suggested and aggreed that we gave a welcome to Mr & Mrs Rose on Wed Sept 67.30 to take the form of a Social Fellowship evening.
Pastor's Induction   All aggreed to Aug 23rd for the Pastor's induction, the Rev James[?] Barnes of Beecham Grove Watford had stated he was willing to come on that day; Rev Sydney Harris of Berkhamsted had expressed his willingness to take part and the Members expressed a desire to ask Rev Matthews of Hertford to address the church.
BazaarDetails for the Bazaar, arranged for last week Nov or first week Dec was deferred to next meeting.
Reports from the Herts Baptist Assn meetings were given by Mrs H Davis,  Mrs S Delderfield being the other delegate.
Any other business brought a question from Mr Rose to the meeting, re the communion service being a continuation of the evening worship as had been in June.  Was the Members in favour of this form continuing?  All aggreed.
Miss S Owen was given a vote of thanks for her work in tidying of the surrounds of the Church building in the past weeks.
[Sylvia Owen was baptised at NBC in May 1962 and went on to becone a Baptist Minister.  In the early 21st Century she was at West Ham Central Tabernacle]

The happy meeting concluded with the Benediction followed by Tea & Biscuits.
                               Harold B Rose   Pastor
Minutes of meeting held 12 Sept 1961.
18 Present
The Meeting opened with a hymn & a prayer by the Pastor.
Minutes were read past & signed.
Arising from: the Induction service on Aug 23rd had been an inspiring occassion.  Mr A.G. Read of Berkhamsted had taken the chair to a full church and the tea provided by the Ladies had accommodated 110 people.
Reporting on the social evening welcoming Mr & Mrs Rose it was aggreed a very happy time be recorded.
Opening the Business the Bazaar date was fixed for Nov 29th 2.45.  All aggreed that Mrs A Bradshaw be asked to open and the Rev Bryan Little of Kings Langley be asked to take the chair.  It would be called an Autumn Bazaar and a member suggested we asked the Dunstable Girls Choir or the Dunstable Methodist Guild to give a concert in the evening in the Church.  The proceeds of sale & concert to go to the Church Fund. Stall arranged were "Womens Own" Needlework & Refreshments, Ladies,  Grocery (Mrs Stratford & Mrs Brooks)  Fruit Veg & FlowersLadies
Bottle stallS School & YPF.   Miscellaneous White ElephantMr SheltonHankerchiefMrs BeddallCompetitions Mr Axtell & Mr Davis.  A meeting of Church and Congregation was aggreed to before the Bazaar.  Members accepted the offer that Mrs Purton make a cake for the occassion.  Programmes & Posters be obtained a[t] Rickett & Son through the secretary.
Discussing week night activity it was aggreed that we resume the Prayer & Praise meeting on Monday evenings; No discussion was made re a mid week meeting.  Tuesday night was set aside for a newly formed Y.P.F.  Mrs parry, Miss Owen, Mrs Beddall & Mr Shelton where [were] appointed by the members to form a Young People Committee.
S School was brought to the meeting and concern was felt a the small number of children attending.  It was aggreed that the Pastor meet the teachers and others interested in S S work in the near future.
Harvest Festival arrangements were aggreed to, and Mr Shelton was made leader of the Church Decorations in the absence of his wife.  Mr Axtell and Mr Parry were asked to open the sale on Monday.
Any other Business, the Chairman explained the Birthday Scheme for the B.M.S. Medical Missions and all aggreed one should be started.  Miss Ruth Owen was given the work the scheme entailed.
The happy meeting closed with the Benediction.
                                             Harold B Rose   Pastor
Minutes of Church Meeting held Nov 13 1961
15 Present
The Pastor Mr H.B. Rose opened with prayer followed by a hymn.
Minutes of the last meeting were read past and signed.
Arising from minutes it was expressed that the renewing of the weekly Prayer meeting and the Young Peoples Fellowship had been very encouraging.
Election of Deacon   There being only one nomination for the place on the diaconate Mrs H Davis was elected for 3 years.
The Bazaar on Nov 29th was discussed and the Pastor announced that Mrs Jones of Kings Langley has been asked and was willing to open the bazaar at 2.45.
Mr Rose reported the leaflets for distribution to the homes of Northchurch were ready inviting all people to the Sunday services and children to afternoon Sunday School.  
All aggreed that the usual Christmas Parcels be given to aged members & friends.  It was expressed through the diaconate, that so much appreciation had been expressed in previous years on the way this parcels had been built up that Mr Rose had asked Mrs Stratford again to undertake the work, and he would distribute them a few days before Christmas.  All aggreed this be so.   The members aggreed that Christmas tokens be sent to our lay Preachers who had served 2 sunday services during the year.
Christmas Eve (Sunday) services were fixed for the usual times of 11 & 6 the evening would be a carol service arranged by Mr L Owen.   New Years Eve services were arranged with an extra fellowship in the school room after evening worship.
Pulpit Fall   The chairman placed before the meeting designs for the new Pulpit Fall, one was aggreed to and the colour.
New Treasurer   Owing to the express wish of Mrs R Brooks to resign the Treasurership at the annual meeting it was prop & sec all in favour that Mr L Owen takes over the work.
Membership   The Pastor announce that Mr & Mrs Simmonds who had been worshipping with us for some months had asked for membership and the necessary letter for transfer was being asked for in the usual way from Hope Hall Berkhamsted. 
The meeting thanked Mr & Mrs Rose for their activities for the Church and for the happy times being spent as a fellowship.  This ended the Business the meeting closed with the Benediction.
                                                                              Harold B Rose    Pastor


Minutes of Church Meeting held 5th February 1962
14 Present
A hymn was sung and the Pastor offered prayer from the chair.
Minutes were read past and signed.
Arising from Minutes.  Members expressed their appreciation for the new Pulpit Fall and expressed the wish, that donor be thanked.  Record of the happy time spent by all at the Bazaar was asked for when £80 clear was raised.  The entering into membership of Mr & Mrs Simmonds was mentioned and a welcome given to them both at that meeting.
Chairman's Remarks   Mr Rose stated he would like to see better support for the Monday night prayer meeting.  Also asked to be told of anyone who is ill or in need.
Application for membership   Mr & Mrs Groome had applied for membership and the meeting appointed Mr R Brooks & Mr L Owen as visitors to Mr Groom.  Mrs Groome was a member at the Strict Baptist Church Watford and transfer had been applied for.
Church notepaper   After discussion all aggreed that headed note paper be obtained from Mr W Rickett & Son (500).
S School   Details were given of the leaflets being distributed in the district for Sunday school and Church worship.
CommunionAll aggreed to carry on with the evening communion service as part of evening worship, when all would be asked to seat in the centre of church.  The direction that a deacon be in attendance in the vestable during the singing of the hymn before the communion to bid farewell to friends not staying, was aggreed to.
Church & Pastor's Anniversary   It was proposed and aggreed to, that the church & Pastor's anniversary be Sunday Sept 9th.
Heating of school hall   Heating of school hall with electric system was discussed and finally aggreed that this matter be decided on at the next church meeting.
The happy meeting closed with the Benediction
          [Very unusually these Minutes were not signed]
Minutes of Annual Church meeting held 26 Feb 1962
22 Present
The Pastor Mr H.B. Rose in the chair.
The meeting opened with a hymn followed by prayer from the chair.
The Pastor   The Pastor Reported we had much to thank God for, there was still much to be done.  Congregations had been well maintained but he would like to see more at the mid week meetings.
The Secretary   Mr R Brooks read the summary of the annual church and congregational Supper 1961.
Reporting on the years activities he stated average attendance in the morning worship was 23 evening 34.
Thanks was expressed to all members that had taken on the smallest of duties, even to the switching on of the electric heating early Sunday mornings.  High Lights of the year were the coming of Mr Rose as Pastor and his Induction service & the Bazaar.  Membership had remained near 50,  4 being taken off1 transferred 2 received in.
Treasurers Report   A clear picture of the finance was given by Mrs R Brooks the retiring treasurer.    Income had been £411 plus the previous balance for 1960 made £550.  Expenditure was light at £283 leaving a balance of £267.  Communion Fund ended with a balance of £7.9.0 and £23.17.6 was raised for the Home Work Fund
and [at] this stage thanks were given to Mrs Brooks for the 20 years as treasurer by the pastor sec by Mr Stratford.
[ Mrs Brooks had first taken over as Treasurer from her husband, when he was called up during World War 2]
S School   Mr  L Owen reported that the school started with 16 children and finish with 7 on register.  Balance in the SS Fund was £17.10.0.
Y.P.F.  Mr F Shelton reporting on the Young People,  from Oct 27 the average was 12 and meetings on Thursday evenings were Devotional Films etc & a two way social with New Mill Fellowship.
Y.P.F Treasurer   Treasurer reported a balance of £4.10.7.   Income had been £5.
Women's Own   Mrs H Davis reported a happy year, average attendance 35.  Mr Rose had taken up the devotional meeting once a month.  Oct 29th had been Women's day and a visit to the sea was arranged in the Summer.
W. Own Treasurer   Mrs R Davis reported fully on accounts ending with a balance of £5.1.6.
Choir   Activity for Christmas, and a balance of 30/0
B.M.S.  Mrs Parry reported that money was raised from B.M.S. Sunday £6.15.0   Boxes £16.0.0 and Women's Own £10.  Birthday scheme run by Miss Ruth Owen raised £1.1.0.
Flowers   Mrs F Shelton flower secretary reported a balance 10/6.
J.B.R.A.  Mr H Davis reported 29 J.B.R.A members.
Auditor   Miss B Riddle wrote to say the church books had been found correct.  Thanks were express from the chair to Miss Riddle.
Door stewards   Mr Bruton had made a successful rota for the year.
Maintenance Committee   Reports made were all was well.
Sick visitor   Mrs H Davis & Mr Shelton reported on visitations.
Secretary   R Brooks           pro Mrs Davis                Sec Mrs Owen
TreasurerL Owen             pro Mrs R Brooks          sec Mr J Parry
Organist    Mrs L Owen      pro from chair                sec Mrs Davis
Deputy "   J Purton
Flowers      Mrs Shelton
Flower Distribution   Miss Dell & Miss Mayo
Pianist for midweek   Mr L Owen
Sick Visitors               Mrs Davis & Mr F Shelton
Sidesmen                     Messrs Foskett, Bruton, A Delderfield, Jones, Parry & Mrs
Door Stewards           Messrs Bruton, Foskett, King & Bates
Auditor                       Miss B. Riddle
Home Work Fund         Mrs R Brooks
Tea Committee           Officers & Deacons wives plus Mrs R Davis & Mrs J Parry.
Building Com.              Messrs Purton Axtell & Parry.
The Pastor closed with the Benediction.
Church Meeting following A.G.M.  26 Feb 1962
The Secretary read letter of transfer from Watford Tabernacle re Mrs Groome transfer.  All approved.
Mr Brooks & Mr Owen reported favourable on the visitation to Mr Groom.  The members aggreed that both friends be received in at next communion.
Application for membership & Baptism was reported by the Pastor from Miss S Owen;  the meeting appointed Mrs R Brooks & Mrs H Davis as visitors.
The meeting closed with Prayer.
                               A.F Stratford(Chairman)
                                         April 9th 1962
[this date has been struck through and a second signature added below]
                                         Harold B Rose           Pastor
Minutes of Church Meeting held 9th April, 1962  [written in a new hand and style]
Present: 19 members were present.
Opening: The Pastor, Mr. H.B. Rose, opened the meeting with prayer after the singing of the opening hymn.
Chairman.  It was agreed that Mr. A. Stratford should preside at the meeting.
Minutes:  The minutes of the last meeting were read, passed as correct, and signed by the Chairman.
Resignation of Secretary, Mr. R Brooks:  After the reading of the minutes, the Chairman had to announce that the Secretary, Mr. R. Brooks, had tendered his resignation at a meeting of the Diaconate on the previous Sunday evening, an announcement which was received with great surprise and very great regret.  The Pastor elaborated on this statement, and expressed his concern at this event.  It was understood that Mr. Brooks felt he could not reconsider his resignation, and therefore suggestions or nominations were asked for to fill the post of Secretary.
No nominations were forthcoming owing to the fact that the resignation was such a surprise, thus the agenda was proceeded with without any firm proposition being made.
[ So within 2 months both Mr Ray Brooks the Secretary and Mrs Brooks the Treasurer had stepped down, a loss of more than 40 years of experience from the diaconate and necessitating changes in the two key church offices]
Appointment of Deacon:  Another Deacon being required, it was proposed by Mrs. R. Davis , & seconded by Mrs. S. Delderfield that Mrs. L Owen take over this position, and this was carried unanimously.  Mrs Owen agreed to serve in this capacity.
Application for membership - Miss Sylvia Owen:  Mrs H Davis reported on the visitation to Miss Sylvia Owen with a view to Miss Owen's baptism and church membership and this was approved.
Village Hall Committee:  It was proposed & seconded that Mr Simmons should represent the Church on the Village Hall Committee, and this was carried.
Presentation to Rev Hagger on retirement of H.B.A. secretaryship.  It was proposed, seconded and duly carried that £1-1-0 be sent as a subscription to the presentation to the Rev. Hagger on his relinquishment of his appointment as Secretary to the Herts Baptist Association.
[Rev J.O. Hagger's links with NBC went back a very long way.  Whilst a student at Regents Park College he had been Superintendent Pastor here  for 2 successive years from 1906 - 1908]
Maintenance - resolution of thanks:  A resolution of thanks to Mr. J. Parry and Mr. A. Delderfield for cleaning and making tidy the stokehole of the church premises was agreed to.
Appreciation to Mr. R. Brooks:  A resolution was carried that a letter of thanks be sent to Mr. R. Brooks for his great services as secretary over a number of years.  The Pastor, Mr. H.B. Rose, undertook this in the name of the Church.
Heating of Schoolroom.  The next item for discussion was the installation of electric heating in the schoolroom.  The Eastern Electricity Board had supplied details of overhead heating which would cost approximately £200.  It was pointed out that this was not in any way a firm estimate, but was given for the guidance of members.  After considerable discussion of these details it was resolved to ask the Deacons to make further enquiries and report at the next Church meeting.
Appointment of Secretary:  The matter of the post of Secretary was again brought under discussion, and after a long conversation, Mr. Groome and Mr. Simmons undertook, in collaboration with Mr Rose, to serve until the next Church meeting, when they would give their decision as to whether they would serve as joint secretaries permanently.  This was agreed to.
Prayer & Praise Service:  A change in the night of the Prayer Meeting was made for one month, viz: from Monday to Tuesday.
[where it has remained for virtually all of the next 50 years]
Appreciation by Mrs. R. Davis:  Mrs R. Davis expressed appreciation of the visits she had received while in hospital, and also for the gifts which had been sent.
Next meeting:  The next Church Meeting was provisionally arranged for 8th May, 1962, at 7.45 pm.
Closing of Meeting:  The meeting closed with the Pastor pronouncing the Benediction, followed by light refreshments.
                                  Harold B Rose     Pastor.
Minutes of Special Meeting held on 8th May 1962
Present & Chairman   20 members were present, the Pastor, Mr. Rose being the chairman
OpeningThe Pastor opened the meeting with prayer after the singing of a hymn.
Minutes   Mr. A. F. Stratford read the minutes of the previous meeting which were passed as correct and signed by the chairman.
Church Secretary   Mr. Stratford brought before the meeting the question of election of a church Secretary.  Mr. Simmons, on behalf of Mr. Groome and himself gave their views on the work of church Secretary, which both had Shared in for the previous month in collaboration with Mr. Rose.   Mr. Simmons concluded by saying that they felt the work was better done by one person and that if the church wished, Mr Groome would be willing to undertake the work of Church Secretary, Stating that if this were So he Mr. Simmons would be prepared to assist in any way possible.
Mr. Rose stated that these views had been given to a Deacons Meeting on the previous Sunday Evening and were found acceptable.  It was proposed by Mrs. Delderfield and Sec. by Mrs. H. Davis that Mr Groome be appointed Church Secretary, which was carried unanimously.
Heating of Schoolroom   A letter from the Eastern Electricity Board was read, giving details of a proposition to install electrical heating in the School Room.  The proposition, in conjunction with a plan, recommended 10 heaters of three different types for a total cost of £228-2-6.  After much discussion the meeting asked the Pastor and Secretary, together with Mr. Parry if he was available, to meet the Eastern Electricity representative on our premises for further discussion and to report again to the church.
Baptismal Service.  Arrangements for the Baptismal Service on 20th May were discussed and Mr. Rose was asked to try and borrow (or loan or hire) an immersion heater from the Eastern Electricity Showroom or from a local church.
[The baptisms - the first at NBC for some years took place on 20 May 1962.  Colin Groome and Sylvia Owen were baptised - both went on to full-time paid Christian service, Colin as an Evangelst, Sylvia as a Baptist Minister]

Central Area Assembly   A letter from H.B.A. was read concerning the Central Area Assembly to be held in Northampton in October, and as members did not feel it possible to attend, it was agreed that the church would not appoint a delegate.
H.B.A. Meetings at Hitchin   The appointment of two representatives for the H.B.A. meetings at Hitchin was discussed with no definite nominations being received.
W. Herts Sunday School UnionAnother matter drawn to the attention of the meeting was the Annual Rally of the West Herts Sunday School Union as Kings Langley Baptist Church on Saturday 19th May, 1962 at 6.30 pm.
Northchurch Village Hall Committee   Mr. Simmons commented on a meeting of the Northchurch Village Hall Appeal Committee that he had attended and asked for instructions from the church to take to future meetings which Mr Parry and Mr Stratford ably outlined.
Presentation to Mr. Brooks   Mrs. Simmons brought up the question of a presentation to Mr. Brooks for recognition of his work for the church in the past.  It was proposed by Mr. Stratford and sec from the chair by Mr. Rose that Mr Owen be asked to make a collection.
Next Meeting   The next Church Meeting was fixed for 19th June 1962.
Jumble Sale   Mr Shelton asked for permission for the Young People's Fellowship to hold a Jumble Sale in the Schoolroom of 25th May which was granted.
Closing of Meeting   The Pastor closed the meeting with the Benediction which was followed by tea and biscuits.
                                            Harold B RosePastor

Minutes of Church Meeting held on Tuesday 19th June 1962.
Present.  19 members attended.
Chairman.  Pastor Rose was the chairman, and the meeting opened with a hymn and prayer.
Minutes.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed as correct, and signed by the chairman.
Arising from Mins.  Arising from minutes Mr Parry asked about the collection for Mr. Brooks.  It was agreed that a further appeal should be made at a Sunday Service, before closing the fund.
Schoolroom Heating.  A reduced estimate was explained to the meeting to be compared with the previous one amounting to £228.2s.6d.  After much discussion the meeting agreed to accept the original estimate, payment to be made on completion of the work.
Repair of Wall   It was agreed to have repaired the wall in front of the church, and to approach Mr. Axtell for advice.
Prayer Meeting.  The future of the Prayer Meeting was discussed and the church decided to continue the meeting on Tuesday evenings.
VisitationAn appeal for helpers was made in an attempt to visit the new houses on the Westfield Estate in the near future.
Gas Heating in Vestry.  Overhaul of the gas heating in the vestry was agreed upon.
Efforts for raising money.  The meeting agreed that the best way of raising money for the Church Fund was to arrange a "gift evening" in the Autumn and the 1st week in October was Suggested.
Letter from the Baptist Union.  A letter from the Baptist Union was read which appealed to the church to give the July Communion Offering to the Home Work Fund which was unanimously agreed upon.  Proposed Mr. Stratford Sec. Mr Parry.
Any Other Business.  Mrs Simmonds asked for a report from our delegates on the Herts Baptist Association Rally at Hitchin.  Mrs. Owen and Pastor Rose reported a very happy day;
H.B.A. Rally.  items of particular interest to Northchurch was the presentation to Rev. Hagger and Mrs Claude Barkers report on the meeting of the World Council of Churches at New Delhi.
Expenses for Church Delegates.  Pastor Rose brought up the question of expenses for Church delegates to meetings outside the immediate district.
Vote of thanks.  A general "Vote of thanks" was expressed to Miss. Sylvia Owen and other practical workers for jobs done in and around the church during the past few months.
Spring Bazaar.  Mrs. Parry suggested that we hold a "Spring Bazaar" and it was agreed that work should start in the Autumn.
Next Church Meeting.  The next church meeting was arranged for 4th September 1962. Tuesday.  
Pastor Rose closed the meeting with the Benediction.
                                      Harold B Rose        Pastor

Minutes of Church Meeting held on Tuesday 4th September 1962
Present   13 members were present.
Chairman   Pastor Rose was the chairman, and the meeting opened with a hymn and prayer.
Minutes of Previous Meeting   The minutes of the previous meeting were read, passed and Signed by the chairman.
Business arising from minutes.  Mrs. Davis asked that something be done quickly regarding the gas heating in the vestry and the Secretary was asked to write to the Gas Company about it.
Regarding the wall outside the church, it was Stated that Mr. Axtell had promised to look at it for us.
The Secretary was asked to write to the Eastern Electricity Board regarding the Schoolroom heating to ensure the work was completed by the winter.
Gift Evening   It was agreed that we hold a Thanksgiving Service at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 10th October 1962 to raise funds to help pay for the Schoolroom heating.  The Service would be followed by refreshments.
Spring Bazaar.  It was agreed that the Spring Bazaar Should be held during early April and that the Women's Own be asked to help.  An organising committee to be elected at the next church meeting.
Foundation Stone of old Chapel   It was agreed that we should repair and clean the Foundation Stone to the old chapel in Bell Lane. [sadly long since lost]
Anniversary Service Flowers.  The meeting agreed that in Mrs. Shelton's absence from the district, Mr Shelton be approached regarding extra flowers for the Anniversary Service.
Harvest Festival.  It was agreed that on the Friday evening and the Saturday afternoon preceeding the Harvest Festival Service the church will be open under the supervision of Mrs. Shelton to arrange and receive gifts.
Miss Sylvia Owen cost of brushes and paints.  Pastor Rose proposed that we should help Miss Sylvia Owen meet the expense involved on producing posters for the church.  Mrs. Davis Seconded.  The meeting discussed this and the general principles of expenses to church workers without reaching a decision.
Letter from B.U.D.C "Freedom from Hunger Campaign"  A letter was read from the Berkhamsted Urban District Council regarding the "Freedom from Hunger Campaign" and it was proposed by Mr. Brooks and seconded by Mrs Davis that we write to them offering our co-operation to the campaign.
Any Other Business.  Mrs Simmons asked if we could arrange a Social Evening and entertain our friends from St. Mary's Northchurch.  It was agreed that this matter rest until the schoolroom heating be fully installed, and Should be discussed at next church meeting.
Mrs. Davis reported that the tea provided for the Darby & Joan Club after their Service in our church had been much appreciated.
Next Church Meeting.  The next church meeting was arranged for Tuesday 16th October 1962.
Presentation to Mr. Brooks   During the evening Pastor Rose made a presentation to Mr. Brooks on behalf of the church, in appreciation of his work over the past years.
                                               Harold B Rose   Pastor
Minutes of Church Meeting held on Tuesday 16th October 1962.
12 Members were present.
Chairman   Pastor Rose was chairman, and the meeting opened with a hymn and prayer.
Minutes of Previous Meeting.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed as correct.
Business arising from Minutes.  Mrs Davis remarked that the Vestry gas heating had been satisfactorily repaired.  With regard to the wall outside the church, it was agreed to approach Mr. Axtell with a view to rebuilding the pillar rather than re-position the part breaked off.
The question of the Schoolroom heating was again brought up and the Secretary pointed out that the Eastern Electricity Board had been approached on two recent occasions without any definite information forthcoming.  Mr. Rose commented on the Thanksgiving Evening, which was very Successful, just over £40 being given to date.  Mrs. Owen asked that a "good" Harvest Festival be put on record.  In respect of entertaining our friends from St. Mary's it was agreed that the Secretary be asked to write the Baptist Union for information on colour slides.
Spring Bazaar.  It was agreed to leave until the next meeting further arrangements for the Spring Bazaar but the following agreed to help in putting in hand arrangements for the same:-  Mrs Davis, Mrs. Owen, Mrs Groome, Mr. Simmons, Mrs. Hussey & Mr. Bates.  Mrs. Davis stated that the Women's Own would be responsible for refreshments and needlework.
Herts. B.A. Special Assembly and paper for Consideration   Secretary & Pastor explained important points to the church from a H.B.A. "document for Consideration" proposing alternatives in its constitution and rules.  The church voted in favour of the proposed Six regions of the H.B.A. and the altered affiliation fees.  The meeting did not agree with the inclusion of the Aston Clinton Church in Region 6 and the proposed rule that all member churches must donate Annually to the Home Work Fund.  Mr. Simmons and Mr. Groome were appointed delegates to the Assembly with power to vote.
Ter-Jubilee Appeal   The church had been asked to consider further Support of the Ter-Jubilee Appeal Fund and the meeting agreed that a concert be arranged in the New Year and that the Salvation Army be approached with regard to this.
W. Herts Sunday School Union   Information was given to the meeting regarding a Teachers Training Conference of the W. Herts Sunday School Union to be held on Saturday 20th October.
Mr. B. Neville Johnson   The meeting agreed that we ask Mr Neville Johnson of the China Inland Mission to preach in our church when home in this country next year.
[Benjamin Neville Johnson was a missionary with China Inland Mission (now OMF), going to the Philippines in 1958.  He had connections in Berkhamsted]


B Neville Johnson is on the left.      Grateful thanks to OMF for this picture.      

B Neville Johnson is on the left.
Grateful thanks to OMF for this picture.


Repair Vestry Ceiling   It was agreed to ask Mr. Axtell to look at the Vestry Ceiling and roof with a view to repair.
Spurgeon's Homes.  An appeal letter from Spurgeon's Homes was read and it was proposed by Mr. Groome Sec Mrs Axtell that a retiring collection be made after the evening Services on October 28th and November 25th.  ten voted for two abstained.  Mrs. Davis made an ammendment that a retiring collection be made at both services on November 25th which was carried.
Signatory on cheques.  The meeting was informed that Mrs. Brooks wished to be relieved from Signing cheques in the interest of church and treasurer and Mr Simmons Suggested that we approach the bank with a view to introducing a third Signatory.  It was agreed that the Deacons See to this matter.
Benediction.  Pastor Rose concluded the meeting with prayer and the benediction.
                       Harold B Rose   Pastor
Minutes of Church Meeting held on Monday 3rd December 1962
Chairman   Pastor Rose was chairman, and he opened the meeting with prayer after a hymn had been Sung.
No. Present   10 members were present.
Business arising -  Questions were asked regarding the Concert to be given by the Salvation Army and 31st January 1963 was given as the date on which it would be held.
Christmas Gift Parcels   It was stated that Mrs. Stratford had agreed to see to the Christmas Gift Parcels once more, and Mrs Davis asked that Mr & Mrs. Bruton be added to the list.
Lay Preachers Sunday   The church agreed that we Should take part in Lay Preachers Sunday   on 21st April 1963.
Christmas Morning Service   It was agreed to hold a Christmas day Service in the church in the morning at 10 o'clock but before final arrangements were put in hand the views of other members should be Sought.
Carol Service   The members present asked for a Carol Service on the Sunday before Christmas in the evening when Mr. Newman from St. Albans was expected to lead us.  The choir were practising three items for this.  Mrs Ashby asked that old fashioned Carols be included.
Gift Vouchers.  The church had in the past given gift vouchers to preachers who had supported us well and Mr. Rose said that he had very happily received some in the past.  After discussion the church agreed to a Suggestion by Mrs Owen, that in view of the heavy expense the church had met recently we drop this idea for one year.
Deputation Sunday.  The Secretary was asked to write to Spurgeons College stating that we were unable to participate in Deputation Sunday.
Village Hall Appeal Committee   Mr. Simmons spoke at some length on the Village Hall Appeal Committee at which he had represented the church.  He suggested that as our people would not have any need of the hall and that as the Suggested methods of raising funds were not in line with our principles we might wish to withdraw our delegate.
The meeting discussed methods of fund raising and left until the next meeting whether or not our delegate should be withdrawn.
Caretaker - Mrs H. Davis.  Mrs. H. Davis stated with regret that she could not continue with the job of caretaker, and that although she would continue until other arrangements were made, she could not continue through another winter particularly in view of her husband's health.
Mr Rose wished to record an expression of regret at this decision and an appreciation of the work Mrs. Davis had done.
[Mrs H Davis had earlier resigned the caretaker's role in 1952 but after a period when the job was shared between the ladies of the church she seems to have taken it up again until this latest resignation.]
Gas Heaters.  Mr Simmons suggested that the gas heaters in the Schoolroom be removed but the general opinion was that they should stay for the time being.
Responsibility of Members.  Mr. Rose said that he thought members should take very Seriously the election of deacons, in prayer and in their responsibility to the church, and that he was dissapointed in the way nominations had been made.
Meeting Adjourned.  In view of the urgency and importance of further business to be dealt with and in view of the low attendance due to the bad weather the meeting was adjourned, to be re-opened on Tuesday December 11th at 7.45 pm.
Further business being mainly the election of two deacons.
Continuation of Meeting December 11th at 7.45 p.m.
Opened with prayer and a hymn.
16 members were present.
Christmas Day Service.  The meeting agreed to hold a Service in the church on Christmas Day at 10 o'clock.
Northchurch Village Hall   After a lengthy discussion it was agreed to ask Mr Simmons to continue to represent the church on the Northchurch Village Hall Appeal Committee which he agreed to do.
Caretaker   The question of finding a replacement for Mrs Davis on her retirement as caretaker was again discussed.  Mrs. Owen offered to undertake this duty s long as arrangements could be made for somebody to put on the church heating on Sunday mornings.  Mr. Stratford proposed and Mr. Rose Seconded from the chair that Mrs Owen's offer be accepted and Mr. Shelton be asked to continue to see to the church heating which was unanimously agreed to,  Mrs Owen to commence her duties at the beginning of the New Year.
[In 1952 Mr Shelton had lived at 7 Bell Lane.  If still there the task of turning on the heating was an easy one]
Gift Vouchers to Preachers   The question of sending Gift Vouchers to our Lay Preachers was again put before the church who confirmed the previous decision to leave this for one year.
Election of Deacons.  Mrs Ashby brought to the notice of the church that Mr. Jones had mentioned that he did not now wish to be considered for election as a deacon.  After discussion it was agreed that Mr. Owen leave the meeting to approach Mr. Jones on this matter - he reported back that Mrs Ashby's information was correct and Pastor Rose announced that Mrs Owen and Mr. Simmons be duly elected deacons for 3 years.
Christmas Gifts.  Mr Stratford read a list of elderly people to receive Christmas Parcels which was agreed to.
Church & Congregation Meeting.  It was agreed to call a Church & Congregation meeting to discuss the Spring Bazaar and the entertaining of our friends from St Mary's on 21st January 1963 at 7.45pm.
Spring Bazaar   It was agreed to hold the Spring Bazaar on Saturday April 6th 1963 at 2.45 pm.
St Mary's Northchurch   An agreement was reached to entertain our St. Mary's friends on Wednesday 20th February 1963 at 7.30 pm, and that Mr. Stratford would provide a film show with Slides.
The meeting closed in prayer.
                     Harold B Rose   Pastor
[This completes the 4th Minute Book of Northchurch Baptist Church, covering the period 1952 - 1962]