OMF    Heart for Asia.  Hope for billions.

OMF recently celebrated 150 years since Hudson Taylor founded the China Inland Mission, taking the gospel of Jesus in all its fullness to the people of that great nation. In 1950 when expelled from China by Mao, the China Inland Mission was renamed as the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (and later OMF International) as it spread its work to other countries in East Asia. 

NBC has supported OMF (or China Inland Mission as it then was) for at least 80 years.  The first known speaker at NBC from the Mission was in 1962.  More recently Louise Barker spent many years working in Cambodia before a further period as one of OMF's UK Directors at their HQ in Kent.

The church continues to value the work done in East Asia by OMF through many different partners and in many different places.