Youth Trips


Bean Tour | April 22nd-24th

The world famous bean tour is back again for its 20th year!!! Those coming on this trip are in for a whirlwind of activity and beans! The trip includes night walks, beach, games, beans, meeting with God, toast, crab fishing, night games, films, swimming and much more!!! We are normally based at a church in Frome, but travel a bit too!
Ages: Yr 4-8 | Cost: £40 | Venue: Frome
Download your kit list and consent form here.

Big Church Day Out - 26th-27th May 2018

The big church day out is a great way to hear the latest in Christian Worship music, alongside engaging with the latest justice issues around the world. It's a great family day and always a special experience, even more if it rains!
Ages: Yr 8+ Cost £50 Where: Wiston House
All the information you need is here!

Soul Survivor - 18th-23rd august 2018 

Soul survivor is an amazing opportunity to meet with over 10,000 other young people and celebrate God. We spend the week camping and there is tons to do. Seminars, gigs, skate parks, sports competitions, cafés, open mic events and lots more!
Ages: Yr 8+ Cost: £140-160 Where: Peterborough Area
Download your consent form here... and the kit-list & rules here!

Bournemouth Day Trip - TBC

A great day out to the coast! We will be home for about midnight after spending the day on the beach, grabbing some fish and chips and catching an evening film!
Ages: Yr 8+ Cost: Money for the film, a packed lunch and some for dinner. (Approx £20 total) Where: Bournemouth | Times: Meet @ NBC for 7:30am Home for 11:55pm

Ticket Prices

Please note - for those that have two children attending the same event we now run a buy one ticket get one half price scheme. This is to help with the increasing cost of trips and events. If however you are able to pay the full amount please do as it will release some of the funding into other areas of the youth ministry.