Weekly Events

Friday Youth Group

Social | Connecting | Active

Age: Yr 7+
Time: Fridays 8-10pm (some events vary)

Each school term Friday night we run a youth group for those in Yr7+ that has two main objectives. Building friendship and having fun! These evenings consist of a range of events from competitions, to making boats and sailing them, to eating and playing games with pancakes! (the programme is very odd and extremely varied!) We have great facilities available to us at NBC; such as the trampoline, pool table, table tennis, football, PS4, and much more. On nearly all our Friday evenings this facilities are available.  If you're interested in coming or just want more information don't hesitate to get in contact with the office or download programme here.

Fusion and Fusion+

Discover | Debate | Building Foundations

Age: Yr 7+
Time: Sundays 10:30-12noon

Sunday church starts at 10:30am and at around 11am the young people have a chance to go out to their groups. Fusion is for Yr7’s and is located in Cherry Tree Cottage (the building next to the church) and Fusion+ is for Year8+ and is located at St.Johns ambulance hall. In these groups we want young people to really grow in their relationship with God and we do this through prayer, looking at biblical themes and discussing, debating and forming our views on who God is. If that isn't enough Fusion always includes a good dose of games (namely Mafia!).


Deep Faith | Deep Fellowship | Deep Discussion

Age: Yr 8-11 & 12-13
Time: Tuesday 5.15-6.45pm & Thursdays 7-8:30pm

Currently we have two house groups running for young people. These groups are a reflection of peer groups and flow from natural fellowship that is developing between young people. If you're interested in joining a house group or would like to pursue a new house group please contact the office who will get back to you with great haste. House groups are the place where as a group of friends young people can really start to go deeper in what they believe, wrestling with the bigger questions that young people often have.

Holiday Hang Outs

Fun | Food | Games

Age: Yr 7+
Time: During Holidays

The holiday hang outs happen over the holidays and half terms. The format is the same as our Friday night set up and is an opportunity for young people to come and enjoy spending time together, having fun and playing games.